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Stay Active at Home: 7 Brilliant Ways to Keep Fit While Working Remotely


Figuring out how to stay active at home is a puzzle many of us are trying to solve these days. With the shift to remote work, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a unique challenge. But between these ingenious strategies to stay active and fit, and a few incredible health potions specifically designed for freelancers to supercharge physical and mental balance, you’ll have all the tools you need to thrive in a home office setup.

1. Transform Your Workspace into a Fitness-Friendly Zone

Rethink Your Desk

Traditional desks may have met their match. Consider standing desks and adjustable chairs, which can provide a surprising boost to your efforts to stay active at home. By changing your posture throughout the day, you keep your muscles engaged and your body moving.

Make Movement a Habit

Regular short bursts of physical activity are a great way to stay active at home. Try walking during phone calls, or introduce a mini workout, like a quick set of jumping jacks, between your meetings. You might be surprised how these mini workouts can accumulate to a meaningful amount of exercise.

2. Embrace the Power of Exercise Apps

There’s a wealth of fitness apps designed to help you stay active at home. Explore options like MyFitnessPal, 7 Minute Workout, or the Couch to 5K program. These apps guide you through diverse exercises, often with minimal equipment required, and even provide handy reminders to ensure you keep moving!

3. Learn to Multitask Efficiently

Blend Work and Workout

Yes, you read it right. There are numerous simple exercises that can be done while working, aiding your mission to stay active at home. For instance, try leg raises under your desk, bicep curls with a water bottle, or stretch your arms and back. A bit of movement now and then goes a long way in keeping you active.

Capitalize on Your Breaks

Instead of solely using your breaks for rest or eating, why not incorporate a bit of exercise? Whether it’s a brisk walk, a short yoga session, or some dancing, using your breaks to move can both boost your energy levels and help you stay active at home.

4. Get Acquainted with Home Workouts

Home workouts can be your new allies in staying fit. Websites like FitnessBlender and apps like Nike Training Club offer a range of free workout programs suitable for all fitness levels. It’s time to roll out your mat and get your sweat on, right in your living room!

Engage in mini workouts throughout your day – a 10-minute yoga session in the morning, a quick strength training routine during lunch, and some stretching before bedtime. It’s about making fitness a part of your everyday life, not a chore.

5. Join the Virtual Fitness Community

If you miss the buzz of group workouts, virtual fitness classes are your answer. Platforms like Peloton and ClassPass offer live and on-demand classes, from vigorous HIIT workouts to tranquil yoga sessions. This way, you can stay active at home while feeling connected with a wider fitness community.

6. Prioritize Mental Fitness

While focusing on physical activity, remember mental fitness too. Activities like meditation, reading, or taking a break from screens can contribute significantly to your mental wellbeing. Apps like Headspace or Calm provide guided meditation sessions to help you stay centered and focused.

7. Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Staying active is just half the battle; maintaining a balanced diet is equally important. Hydrate regularly, and keep your meals nutrient-dense and balanced. Remember, you’re not only feeding your body but also your mind and spirit.


Q: Can I really get a good workout at home?

Absolutely! You can achieve a comprehensive workout right at home, using your body weight, simple equipment like resistance bands, or virtual fitness classes.

Q: How can I stay motivated to stay active at home?

Keep track of your progress, set small achievable goals, and try to mix up your workouts to keep things interesting.

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With these seven strategies, you’re set to transform the way you stay active at home. Remember, each step counts towards a healthier lifestyle. So keep moving, stay fit, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy work-from-home life.

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